Let us be your birth companions


Our aim is to be with the woman and for the woman in labour; as a Doula collective we give physical, emotional spiritual and practical support before the birth, during the birth and after the birth. We want to normalise healthy pregnancy, normal birth and life with a newborn; we are here for you, your family and your new baby.


Why did we want to be Doulas?

As we shared their experiences, so many women from a range of backgrounds told us of not being listened to throughout their pregnancies and through labour. Many were left alone and uninformed, some were not even told why their baby was whisked away from them after birth.

"23 years later I still remember that doctor marching in and demanding why that baby was not out yet"...

"I spent the first few hours of labour sitting on a plastic chair, confused and alone... waiting for attention, a cup of tea... anything"

"Labour and birth don't have to be like that"

These conversations left us with a feeling that childbirth came along with worry, fear and above all, loneliness. These women would all have had a far better experience with a birth companion, a Doula.

Who we are

Sylvie (left) and Janet (right).

Sylvie (left) and Janet (right).

Janet & Sylvie

Children of the 60’s, parents of the eighties and grandmothers of the new century… our philosophy rests with the alternative. We believe in natural childbirth, natural parenting, natural death. Health – through life style, nutrition, yoga… absolutely minimum use of drugs of any kind. 

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What we do

Birth support

We will visit you three times before the birth, to get to know you, write your birth plan together, get to know your family and what you want. We will accompany you through the birth, at home, hospital, birthing centre. We will visit you after the birth should you need support with breastfeeding or sleeping, organisation.

After-birth support

We can support you after the birth as well with a range of services.

Birthing Classes

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