Bespoke Package

Our birthing package includes :

  • An initial visit before the birth, getting to know you and your family discussing what we offer as doulas

  • A second visit aimed at drafting your birth plan with you

  • Support with prenatal concerns, relaxation, breathing

  • Discussing at length what kind of birth you would like to experience

  • Support with preparing for breastfeeding

  • Birth support at home and / or hospital

Also, you may want to attend our Antenatal sessions - listed below

After the birth

If you need our help we are happy to support you with the following:

  • 1:1 advice withbreast feeding, sleeping, bathing, going out

  • individual support; help with looking after your baby while you rest

  • Help with light shopping, going out with you and your baby

  • safety around the house

  • weaning your baby

 These services will be charged by the hour

Prenatal classes.

A series of classes to help you prepare for the birth, get ready to be a parent, ensure the health and safety of your newborn. A series of 8 sessions with a range of professionals; a space foryou to ask the questions you want to ask; an opportunity to be with other women.  All sessions close with a 30minutes of yoga breathing and relaxation.

Sessions will include:

  • pregnancy and the birthing process - led by a midwife (2 sessions)

  • birth without fear and exploration of alternatives when giving birth - Hypno birthing, Rebozo...

  • eating well in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding - led by a nutritional therapist

  • how can acupuncture help during pregnancy, in preparation for labour, led by an experienced acupuncturist

  • 'save your baby's life' - first aid for babies and young children

  • 'The fourth trimester' - the ups and down of being a new parent; the importance of well being - led by trained psychologist specialising in parenting

  • looking after your body with the Alexander technique - led by Alexander technique instructor

  • successful breast feeding; why breast is best - led by physician assistant based at London hospital