Sylvie was with me for the births of my two children. The experiences were totally different but Sylvie offered encouragement, knowledge and great care for me and my babies in both labours.

With the birth of my daughter the labour was incredibly long. We were in a busy central London hospital and the staff were overworked and spread thin. As a result we were forgotten about. With any woman going through labour for the first time you have no idea what to expect. Sylvie was a fantastic support to my partner and I who were exhausted and stressed. She worked tirelessly to move us from the corridor to a room and insisted we were given some attention. With her help we were allocated a midwife who stayed with us until my daughter was born.

Sylvie worked hand in hand with the midwife and had an amazing energy and positivity that helped me get through it.

With my son I was very overdue and had to be induced. Sylvie trusted my instincts and shadowed me throughout. 

The midwives didn’t believe that I was in active labour but Sylvie trusted me and her experience was invaluable when she stayed close to me and advised me to try pushing. My son was born with a single, primal push and Sylvie caught him in the bathroom! 

Sylvie has an invaluable mixture of knowledge, compassion and energy. She will support your choices and encourage you when you feel that you can’t do it! Fight for you when you need someone to back up your decisions or get you the relevant care when you are too tired or scared to do so yourself. 

Her warmth and sensitivity to myself and my partner truly enriched my birthing experience. Thank you!