Daria and Manel

My wife and I join the birthing classes at Harrow Road as recommended by our midwife. The antenatal classes were very informative, interesting and interactive and we met other parents and wonderful practitioners who share their expertise to make the whole process of giving birth easier.

At the antenatal classes is where we first knew about what is a dula and what are the benefits of having a dula when you are in labour. This is where we met Janet for the first time , we connected with her in every level  and after her explanations about the importance of having a dula when you have a natural  birth my wife and I decided to take her service. Labour is an incredible experience from a parent's perspective and we didn't want to think about all the steps the midwife needed to follow we just wanted to enjoy the process and that someone look after us.

During the labour Janet was very helpful and she was all the time by our side making sure that the labour was kept as we wanted from the beginning to the end. We were so grateful to have Janet  involve on the process and enjoying the welcome of our first baby daughter Kiara.